Yangzhou Chengnan Expressway


“Steel Dragon” shuttles through the millennium ancient city of Yangzhou City Southern Expressway as an important project for the “Provincial Games” of the city, and also an important image project of the “Provincial Park Expo”. It is an important thing in the main road network of Yangzhou City. To the main road, the future is an important “one horizontal” in the “five horizontal and seven vertical” expressway network of the main urban area of ​​Yangzhou. It will construct a fast-track east-west direction of the “one body and two wings” on the south side of the city. The implementation of rapid transformation is conducive to diverting the traffic pressure of the old city, facilitating the connection between the groups, and guiding the function adjustment of the land and the development of the southern part of the rapid transit construction project. The starting point of the G328 eight-character bridge is interoperable, and the end point is the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway Tangwang Interchange. It is planned to be a section of the 328 national highway rapid transformation city, with a length of 17.2km, and 2,500 sets of Longteng culture custom-made sailing street lights.

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