Xian Road Elevated Project

Xiyan Road is one of the urban expressways in the overall planning of Xi’an City, and an important external connecting channel in the southeast direction of Xi’an City. The main road lighting on the bridge adopts the “Teng” series LED street lamps independently developed by Longteng. The 11m single-arm street lamps on the bridge are symmetrically arranged on the collision barriers on both sides. The distance between the poles is about 35 meters and the power of the lamps is 300W. At the intersection, 14 meters high and three fire poles are arranged, and the power of the lamps is 3*280W; the diversion island of Xiyan Road and Xiying Road is arranged with a 14-meter-high five-fired pole lamp, and the power of the lamps is 5*280W. 11 meters of double-armed street lamps are arranged on the east and west sides of the bridge. The lamps are 150W+300W and 150W+280W. The south section of Xiying Road is equipped with 11-meter double-arm street lamps. The power of the lamps is 150W+200W. After the project is completed, it is an important scenic spot within the Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area.


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